Additional LISI Disclosures

Leumi Investment Services, Inc. (“LISI)” is a securities broker-dealer registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and various state securities regulators in the United States. LISI is not registered with, and does not intend to register with, regulatory authorities outside the United States. LISI does not offer any services to persons outside the United States that would require LISI to become a registered or licensed in any non-US jurisdiction.

In accordance with applicable local law, LISI’s personnel may, from LISI’s office(s) in the United States, privately place certain securities with non-US persons. This material is being provided to you in connection with securities referenced in this communication (the “Securities”). The Securities will be privately offered and restrictions may apply to subsequent transfers. Any non-US investor who acquires the Securities does so under the investor’s own responsibility. Without limiting the foregoing, LISI provides the following notices:

Notice to residents of Mexico:

The Securities may not be publicly offered or traded in Mexico unless the same are offered or traded pursuant to the provisions of Article 8 of the Mexican Securities Market Law (Ley del Mercado de Valores) and regulations issued thereunder. The information contained herein is solely the responsibility of the issuer of the Securities and has not been reviewed or authorized by the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores).

The Securities offered have not been and will not be registered with the Registro Nacional de Valores (National Registry of Securities) of the CNBV. Neither this nor any other offering material related to the offering of the Securities may be utilized in connection with any general offering to the public within the United Mexican States for the purpose of the sale of the Securities. Any investor of Mexican nationality who acquires the Securities will do so under (his) (her) (its) own responsibility.

Notice to residents of Brazil:

The Securities have not been and will not be publicly issued, placed, distributed, offered or negotiated in the Brazilian capital markets and, as a result, have not been and will not be registered with the Brazilian Securities Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, the CVM).

Notice to residents of Chile:

The offer of the Securities began on the date of the attached document and is subject to General Rule No. 336 of the Chilean Securities and Insurance Superintendence (Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros, the SVS). The Securities being offered are not registered in the Securities Registry (Registro de Valores) or in the Foreign Securities Registry (Registro de Valores Extranjeros) of the SVS and, therefore, the notes are not subject to the supervision of the SVS. As unregistered securities, we are not required to disclose publicinformation about the notes in Chile. The notes may not be publicly offered in Chile unless they are registered in the corresponding securities registry.

La oferta de valores comenzó en la fecha que se indica en el documento adjunto y está sujeta a la Norma General Nro. 336 de la Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS) de Chile. Los valores que se ofrecen no están registrados en el Registro de Valores ni en el Registro de Valores Extranjeros de la SVS y, por lo tanto, no están sujetos a la supervisión de la SVS. Al ser valores no registrados, no estamos obligados a divulgar información al público sobre estos valores en Chile. Los valores no pueden ofrecerse al público en Chile a menos que estén registrados en el correspondiente registro de valores.

Notice to residents of Panama:

The Securities have not been and will not be registered with the Superintendency of Securities Market of the Republic of Panama under Decree-Law No. 1 of 8 of July of 1999, as amended by Law No. 67 of 1 of September of 2011 (the “Panamanian Securities Act”) and may not be offered or sold within Panama except in certain limited transactions exempt from the registration requirements of the Panamanian Securities Act. The Securities do not benefit from the tax incentives provided by the Panamanian Securities Act and are not subject to regulation or supervision by the Superintendency.

The Securities may be sold without registration to persons in Panama who qualify as Institutional Investors. The exemption from registration will only continue to be valid, and the offer will not be subject to registration before the Superintendency, if, within the first year following the purchase of the shares by Institutional Investors under this exemption, Institutional Investors only offer and/or sell the acquired shares (a) to other Institutional Investors, and (b) by means of a private offering. If the aforementioned offer is made, within the first year following the purchase of the shares by Institutional Investors under this exemption, by means of a public offering, the shares will be subject to registration before the Superintendency.

Notice to residents of Peru:

Pursuant to the Sixth Final Disposition of Public and Private Placement of Securities Statutes, this private placement of securities is not subject to the Securities Market Law and the scope of the Superintendence of Securities Market Law (SSML).

De conformidad con lo dispuesto en la Sexta Disposición Final del Reglamento de Offerta Pública Primaria y de Venta Valores Mobiliarios (Resolución CONASEV No. 141-98-EF/94.10), la presente oferta privada de valores no se encuentra sujeta en extensor a la regulación del Mercado de valores, ni la Ley del Mercado de Valores y por tanto no se encuentra supervisada por la Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores.

Therefore, LISI is under no legal obligation to reveal any relevant information prior to or after the private placement takes place, as such information is not subject to SSML’s review and approval. Securities sold in a private placement may not be transferred to third parties, except other institutional investors, unless the securities have been registered with the Public Securities Market Registry. This is a permanent restriction on transferability.

Por lo tanto, LISI no tiene obligación legal alguna de revelar ninguna información antes o después de una colocación privada, puesto que tal información no está sujeta a revisión y aprobación por parte de SSML. Los valores vendidos en una colocación privada no pueden transferirse a terceros, excepto a otros inversores institucionales, a menos que se hayan registrado en el Registro del Mercado Público de Valores. Esta es una restricción permanente a la transferabilidad de los valores.

Notice to residents of Uruguay:

This is a private offering. The Securities have not been registered before the Central Bank of Uruguay.

Confidentiality and Restriction on Further Distribution of Materials

The materials that accompany these disclosures are provided to certain persons as part of a private offering of the Securities. These and any other materials provided by LISI are confidential and are intended solely for the recipients to whom LISI provides them. They may not be reproduced or distributed to other persons. These materials may not be utilized in connection with any public offering of the Securities.