Online Security

REMINDER: Valley Bank employees and its online sites such as Valley Online, Valley Visa or Valley Investments will never ask you for your User ID, your password, or other personal information such as account number or credit card number. Never provide your User ID or other credentials to anyone as a result of an email (or telephone call) you did not solicit.

If you doubt the legitimacy of an email or telephone call, or if you think you have been the victim of a scam, you should contact your local office immediately.

Valley Bank seeks to protect the privacy of its customers and is committed to protecting your personal information.

When you are finished with ANY Valley Bank online banking session, always remember to logout correctly.

For more information about Valley Bank’s eBanking security, Click Here

Helpful Hints:


Be sure to review your account statements, correspondence and account balances frequently. Contact the Bank as soon as you suspect something is irregular with your account; the earlier we know, the better we can protect you.


Do not write down your passwords, PIN codes or account numbers. Once your password or PIN code is associated to an account number, the risk of fraud multiplies dangerously.


Report any unusual account activity, unauthorized transactions, suspicious e-mails, doubtful correspondence or distrustful telephone calls to your account representative or account office immediately.


Shred and destroy all unnecessary papers and records which may contain your address, social security number, passport identification number or in any way could contain personal identifiable information. We recommend the use of a ‘crosscut’ shredder because it cuts in multiple directions.


We do not accept payment orders or debit instructions based upon e-mail alone. We will never as you for your passwords, PIN codes, personal identifying information, account numbers or loan numbers through e-mail correspondence.


If you have any doubts about any communication, correspondence or e-mail received from us, please contact your account representative or account officer immediately.

Identity Fraud

If you think that you have become a victim of identity fraud, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for information and guidance at or call 1.877.438.4338.