TrustDefender Security Software

Added protection for Online Banking using this free security software

TrustDefender is available now for all Bank Leumi clients.

Bank Leumi has partnered with ThreatMetrix to bring you their latest security software—TrustDefender—specifically designed to provide you an extra layer of security during your Online Banking sessions with Bank Leumi USA.

We strongly recommend that you act upon this tremendous benefit. It’s 100{2ab646ac68d4874f3a9e524c633e7b75a4ce173a4be1586c4043fda4c1f5eeb2} free to you, only takes a few minutes to install and will provide you with extra security against the most modern financial fraud threats when transacting with us online.

Trust Defender

An added layer of security

Online fraud is a growing problem around the world.

Although you may already have anti-virus software on your computer, you could still be at risk of malicious software on your computer. TrustDefender is a multi-award winning transaction security solution designed to add protection during Online Banking session with Bank Leumi USA. It temporarily locks down the internet transactions between your computer and our Online Banking system, limiting the chance of the information you exchange being intercepted or penetrated.

TrustDefender helps to:

  • Secure the connection between your computer and Bank Leumi’s Online Banking system
  • Identify and alert you to a wider range of security risks on your computer
  • Inform you how to fix any security issues identified
  • Confirms you’re using the genuine Bank Leumi Online Banking service

How TrustDefender works

Download and Install TrustDefender using the Download Now button above.

The next time you visit the Bank Leumi Online Banking site, TrustDefender will start to protect your Online Banking session.

The Security Notification Bar will appear at the top of your browser, to let you know that TrustDefender is running a pre-session check of the security state of your computer.

Trust Defender

If no issues are found, the Security Notification Bar will show as Green to indicate your Online Banking session has additional protection.

Trust Defender

If TrustDefender identifies an issue, the Security Notification Bar will show as Amber or Red, and it will expand to show you information.
You can take action to resolve the issue using the Fix It button. This will take you to TrustDefender website which explains how you can resolve this issue.

Trust Defender

If you have any questions, please call ThreatMetrix TrustDefender’s service team on 1.866.292.1755.