Reach Your Business Goals

Manage Your Business’s Finances

With the experience that comes from more than nine decades of working with mid-size businesses, our relationship managers will help you chart a sound course to manage your business accounts and cash flow to help meet your business goals.

Manage Business Cycles

The depth and experience of our team, along with a history of success working with commercial clients, means that our team is prepared to help you through the ups and downs of business cycles. Whether you’re expanding during a growth cycle or managing through a difficult business period, our team will bring you ideas and products to help you thrive.

Trust Your Commercial Bankers

We understand that managing your company’s finances requires a bank you can trust. Our Relationship Managers are responsive, nimble and dedicated to helping you manage the sensitive and complex challenges of your business’s finances. We advise on the right financial products to support your day-to-day and long-term financial needs. We balance the business factor with the human factor.

Work Internationally

If your business expands overseas or you’re a foreign company wanting to establish a presence in the United States, we are the bank for you. Thanks to the breadth of our products and services, along with a highly respected FX team, we can service all your local and international financial needs.

The Advantages of Banking with Valley

Valley Bank is a relationship-focused boutique bank within your community. Headquartered in New York City, we also have offices in, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Palo Alto, California and Chicago, Illinois

Industry Expertise

We’re focused on key commercial sectors. We understand your needs and know how to help you attain your goals.

Personal Relationships

We value relationships. We believe in creating success together.

History & Experience

We’ve been successfully managing wealth for over 115 years. And our Israeli heritage offers a gateway to Israeli-related investment opportunities.

Community Involvement

We’re making a difference in our communities by committing our time, energy and financial resources to nonprofits and charities.